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VELUX Roof Terrace & Cabrio Balcony

We have the perfect solution for you at Extons if you want to add light, space and create an amazing view from your living environment. Our velux roof terrace & cabrio balcony solutions make brilliant additions to your home.

Enjoy panoramic views from your bedroom with this stunning floor-to-ceiling addition, pop open the window and lean forwards onto a balcony – savour the scene, and create a fabulous focal feature for your home.

Our CABRIO balcony systems are gorgeous to look at, and they come with Top-Hung sections for easy cleaning, simply rotate them 1800 to restore their sparkle and shine.

Safety is assured with our velux window and balcony solutions, thanks to double glazing as standard, combined with a toughened outer pane as an additional security precaution, you can enjoy the freedom of these wonderful features whenever you like.

Velux roof terraces help you make the most of unused roof space without compromising on the size of your living areas. They give you direct access to the outside, and create a balcony you can use in seconds.

Hopefully you’ll find everything you need by browsing this product category. Should you require additional details about velux roofing terraces or cabrio balconies, feel free to contact us for advice and information on 020 8870 9916.



VELUX GDL Cabrio Balcony
VELUX GDL Cabrio Balcony
VELUX Roof Terrace
VELUX Roof Terrace