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VELUX Smoke Ventilation Systems

We never underestimate the power or the devastation caused by fire here at Extons, we stock natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems from Velux, and they really do help to save lives.

Ventilation systems don’t just lead smoke out of buildings, they ensure heat escapes too, and help to keep escape routes or fire exits clear. We stock innovative smoke escape solutions to suit all roof types, whether you have a sloping or flat roof, you can ventilate it, and keep it smoke free in the event of a fire.

Our roof ventilation options are fully AA fire rated, they are tested and certified to EN ISO 12101-2. All products within this category have passed stringent safety standards, they can be operated via smoke sensors or break glass points, and come with battery backup units to provide continuity of operation should the mains power fail.

Buy this range and Velux offer a 10 year guarantee for windows, panes and kerbs, plus there’s a 3 year warranty for electrical components.

Ordering through our website is simple, and with countless size and accessory options available, we can tailor the package to match your personal preferences.

Spend some time familiarising yourself with our complete range of velux smoke ventilation systems, and should you require any additional information, or simply want to discuss this product in more detail, don’t hesitate to call us on 020 8568 8099.



VELUX CSP Flat Roof Smoke Ventilation
VELUX CSP Flat Roof Smoke Ventilation
VELUX GGL Smoke Ventilation System
VELUX GGL Smoke Ventilation System