Redland Postel Clay Tile

Redland Postel Clay Tile


Product Description

Redland Postel Clay Tile

Size - 315 X 230mm.

Minimum Pitch - 20° at 70mm headlap

Covering capacity - 20.4 tiles/m² at 245mm gauge

Tiles per pallet - 600

The Postel clay tile is a new range of Redland tiles. It originates from the Courtrai tile, which was imported into the UK from Belgium between the world wars due to a lack of indigenous supply at the time.

It was particularly popular in the South-East of England. Thousands of housing estates were covered with these tiles and many are now in need of reroofing. In many cases a like-for-like replacement is required.

As a response to this, Redland have launched a similar product, Postel.