VELUX CVP Integra Electric Flat Roof Windows

VELUX CVP Integra Electric Flat Roof Windows

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Product Description

Velux CVP Integra Electric Flat Roof Windows

Integra electrically operated opening flat roof window. Double glazed with a protective polycarbonate cover.

Includes insulated kerb

Available with clear or opaque dome.

Product features:

Energy efficient with an interior area U-value of 1.4W/m2K (certified to EN 12567-2) and an external surface area U-value of 0.72W/m2K (certified to EN 1873).
Excellent sound insulation from rain and hail
Polycarbonate cover designed simply to protect the double glazed unit below from rain and snow
Polycarbonate cover available in clear or opaque
Double glazed unit has a toughened outer pane and laminated inner pane which complies to class P2A, according to EN 356.
Kerb and sash made of extruded hard PVC profiles
Rain sensor closes window automatically with INTEGRA® electric version
New 15cm extension kerb allows installation in warm or sedum roof constructions