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Forticrete Centurion Low Pitch Roof Tile

Forticrete Centurion Low Pitch Roof Tile

Red Autumn Brown Red Rustic Slate Grey Forticrete Low Pitched Roof Tiles

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Product Description

Forticrete Centurion Low Pitch Roof Tile

Size - 230 x 385mm

Minimum Pitch - *10°
(* Use with a pitch of 10º, should not be attempted without prior consultation with the Forticrete Technical Department - 0800 262136)

Interlocking roof tile designed for low-pitches

Capable of being laid to a rafter pitch of 10 degrees and provides a highly effective barrier against the elements

Purpose-designed to perform even in the worst excesses of the often hostile British climate, Forticrete Roofing Products' Centurion® incorporates the most advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to provide a roofing product of exceptional reliability

Left and Right Hand Verge and Bonded double tile also available

Available Colours - Autumn, Brown, Red, Rustic, Slate Grey

FOR USE WITH PITCHES BETWEEN 10° - 12.5° the following must apply

1) The tile gauge (batten spacing) should be set between 275mm and 285mm.
2) The roof should be either a single or duo pitch roof shape without hips, valleys, or any other intersection of the tiles.
3) The roof should be single storey only.
4) The roof should be located in a sheltered geographical position.For example; Non coastal, not on open elevated sites, not in open countryside.
5) The maximum rafter length of the Centurion® roof should not exceed 5 metres.
6) Other roof areas above the Centurion® roof should have their own independent drainage system.
7) Down pipes from higher level roofs should not discharge onto the surface of the lower Centurion® roof.
8) The head or the tail of the tile should not be cut as this will impair the product’s performance.
9) Centurion® ventilation tiles should not be installed below 20º.
10) Centurion® tiles should all be clipped over the interlock and nailed (50x3.35mm) through the clip into the edge of the tile batten below.
11) Centurion® half tiles should be used at the verges by cutting off either the right hand roll or left hand interlock roll so that the central flat area protrudes between 38 to 50mm from the gable structure.
12) Centurion® verge clips should be nailed to the battens to secure the cut verge tiles.
13) Bonded double tiles should be used at the verge if using Continuous Dry Verge system.
14) Tiles should lie at a constant pitch across the roof and not deflect up or down over the fascia or gable wall ends which will cause gapping under the tile edges.
15) A felt support tray should be installed over the top of the fascia board to transfer any moisture contained in the batten cavity out of the roof.
16) The horizontal laps in the underlay should be a minimum of 300mm for pitches below 12.5º.
17) All lead work should conform to current Lead Sheet Association detail.
18) Forticrete recommend the use of roof ventilation.