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Castle Composites Riven Promenade Slabs

Castle Composites Riven Promenade Slabs


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Castle Composites Riven Promenade Slabs

Available Size - 300 x 300

Thickness - 20mm

The Riven finish is an excellent example of the texture, warmth and practicality of natural stone combining with the durability and strength of Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete to produce a product which gives the very best attributes of both worlds

The use of numerous mould finishes means that the repetitive nature of some products is avoided, giving a more natural appearance

The colours available in the Riven finish have been carefully selected to replicate natural stone colours and the wide choice gives the facility to match adjacent colour schemes

The 22mm thick 300 x 300mm Promenade Slabs have been specially designed to be used with Paving Support Pads. They can of course still be fixed direct to the roof surface with PU Adhesive but using the Paving Support Pads allows them to be used in any situation where direct contact with the waterproofing membrane is to be avoided, such as with some of the single ply membrane manufacturers