Onduline Roof Sheeting

Onduline Roof Sheeting

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Onduline Bituminous Corrugated Roofing System

Sheet Size - 2000mm x 950mm

Onduline is an extremely tough, lightweight, corrugated roofing and wallcladding material manufactured utilising a base board produced from recycled cellulose fibres which is saturated with bitumen under intense pressure and heat

Allows roof tiles and slates to be laid as low as 12.5°

Minimum Recommended Roof Pitches:

Interlocking concrete tiles: 12.5°
Pantiles, natural and fibre cement slates: 17.5°
Plain double lap tiles: 22.5°


Cover width: 855mm
Thickness: 3mm
Corrugation width: 95mm
Corrugation height: 38mm