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VELUX GGL Pine SOLAR Powered Roof Windows

VELUX GGL Pine SOLAR Powered Roof Windows

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New Generation GGL Pine INTEGRA Solar Windows

More Daylight, More Comfort, Less Energy

- The New Generation has the same external frame sizes but with an increased glazed area, letting more daylight in

- The New Generation offers more comfortable operation, excellant ventilation control and a more contemporary design

- The New Generation incorporates ThermoTechnology to offer superior energy efficiency through improved insulating values

The new VELUX INTEGRA control pad with touch screen and swipe function uses icons for easy and intuitive control

All the same features as INTEGRA® Electric Roof Windows but powered by the sun - PV solar cell on the external window frame charges the operating motor. This requires direct exposure to the sunlight.

No need to plug into a power supply, making installation even quicker and easier.

VELUX INTEGRA Solar powered roof window utilises the energy from the sun with a photovoltaic solar cell on the external window frame charging the operating battery to provide the power for operation.

• Integrated solar window operator • Convenient installation as motor is pre-fitted
• Rechargeable battery
• PV solar cell charges the battery
• Photovoltaic solar cell
• Concealed components
• Remote control with display
• Up to 200 electrical products can be registered
• Rain sensor - the window closes automatically in the event of rain