Castle Composites Grassflex

Castle Composites Grassflex

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Castle Composites Grassflex

Artificial Grass Topped Rubber Tiles.

Size: 500 x 500 x 30mm

Weight: 4kg/ tile

Covering capacity: 4 tiles / m2

Grassflex tiles are manufactured with a recycled rubber granulate base that is soft and safe for use on waterproofing membranes. Grassflex tiles are also manufactured with drainage channels on the underside. As the tiles are water permeable up to 250mm per hour (EN 1176) they allow rain water to flow through the tiles and off the waterproofing through the drainage channels on the underside.

Advantages Of Grassflex
- Light Weight
- Quick and Easy To Install
- Loose Lay System
- Easy Access To The Waterproofing
- Permeable Up To 250mm Per Hour