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VELUX GPL White Painted Top-Hung Roof Windows

VELUX GPL White Painted Top-Hung Roof Windows

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Product Description

VELUX have re launched their White Painted Windows with new low prices! With the growing demand for white painted windows to match contemporary interiors and white painted ceilings and woodwork.

Prior to assembly the new White Painted top-hung windows are given a triple layer of paint in order to give them a perfect finish with excellent levels of durability. The subtle wood grain will match perfectly with wooden sash windows and other painted woodwork within a modern interior.

The specification of the new VELUX range has been increased. The windows are now supplied with 2070 Laminated glazing as standard with the option to upgrade to 2060, 2066 and 2062. Please use the drop down menu above to display the glazing options.

Like all VELUX top-hung roof windows the white painted version has been manufactured using the highest quality materials and offer superb levels of insulation. They feature a bottom handle to open and they push open with ease. Opening to any position up to 45º, they are a great choice for loft rooms allowing for panoramic views.

Browse our collection of VELUX New Generation GPL white painted top-hung windows at Extons. They’re the ideal addition to pitched roofing projects, helping to transform attic conversions by cascading light into loft spaces.

White painted top-hung windows create more daylight, add comfort and use less energy. They will suit all living spaces offering a sleek modern design and benefit from a seamless coating.

Benefits include:
• Comfortable bottom opening handle
• Opens to any position up to 45 degrees.
• High-quality white painted finish with triple coat of paint.

Just speak to us should you require any further details about any of our products, the number to dial is 020 8870 9916.