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Castle Composites Riven Promenade Tiles

Castle Composites Riven Promenade Tiles


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Riven Promenade Tiles

Size - 300mm x 300mm.

Thickness - 12mm

For use on flat roofs, patios, balconies, terraces and other areas requiring hard wearing, but pleasantly finished surfaces.

The Riven finish is an excellent example of the texture, warmth and practicality of natural stone combining with the durability and strength of Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete to produce a product which gives the very best attributes of both worlds.

The use of numerous mould finishes means that the repetitive nature of some products is avoided, giving a more natural appearance.

The Riven finish is also available in a variety of tile sizes allowing different patterns to be created.

The colours available in the Riven finish have been carefully selected to replicate natural stone colours and the wide choice gives the facility to match adjacent colour schemes.

Castle Composites are the UK's leading promenade tile manufacturer with over 3 million sold and laid on flat roofs and balconies across the UK.

Promenade Tiles have traditionally been used in the roofing industry to great effect where attractive, weatherproof and durable surfaces are required. "Castile" Tiles come in an unrivaled range of textures and colours allowing a wide variety of effects to be achieved to enhance flat roofs, patios, balconies, terraces and other level areas requiring hard wearing, but pleasantly finished surfaces.

The "Castile" Tiles are manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System assesed and certified by Independant European Certification Ltd. They are produced from a blend of Silica Sand, High Strength Granite, Top Quality Cement, Glass Fibre and product enhancing additives. This attention to the mix constituents ensures, through a regime of regular internal and external testing, that the tiles delivered to you are strong and durable and can be used with complete confidence.